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Editing a Finished Deal

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Once you've finalized a deal, you can still edit or unwind it using the Edit Finished Deal and Unwind Deal options in the Actions menu, which both become available after you've finished the deal.

Step 1. On any page of the finished deal, click the Change Deal Status button in the upper-right corner of the page above the Deal Summary card.

Step 2. Click Edit Finished Deal from the menu that appears. 


Step 3. All the desking tools that were disabled after the deal was finished will again be accessible. However, the deal vehicle's status (on Vehicle page) will remain as "Sold." Make the necessary adjustments.

Step 4. Click the Change Deal Status button again and select Finish Editing Deal from the options menu. 

Important:  Once you've finished the deal, the deal is submitted to Accounting. Any changes you make while editing the finished deal will need to be communicated to Accounting to prevent accounting errors or imbalances. 


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