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Editing the Total Book

Autosoft -

The Front Gross card on the Recap page of the deal allows you view the deal's front gross, while also making adjustments to the total book.

Note:  Only users with Dealer Principal, Finance Administrator, and Finance Restricted rights can access the Recap page of the deal. To make edits to the total book, you must have the appropriate permissions in the Setup application.

Step 1. While in a deal, click the Recap button. The Recap screen will open. Click the

Step 2. Click the View Detail toggle to open the recap detail cards. For this procedure, you'll be working in the Front Gross card.

Step 3. In the Front Gross card, click the Total Book toggle, which will switch the field from read-only to editable. Simply click into the Total Book field and type a new value. 

Step 4. If necessary, you can also edit the Holdback and Dealer Pack by clicking into those fields and entering a new dollar value. Follow the same process to edit the Lender Fee and Dealer Cash fields. 

Step 5. Click Save to commit the changes to the deal. 

Note:  The Total Book, Dealer Pack, and Holdback are only visible and editable to users with the appropriate permissions in the system setup. 



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