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Locking an Employee Account

Autosoft -

Locking an employee account prevents the employee from logging in to the program. Only users with administrative rights can lock and unlock accounts. 

Step 1. Click the Setup App button in the left navigation panel.

Step 2. Click the Employees button in the horizontal button bar at the top of the screen. The Employee Search screen will open.

Step 3. Use the Employee Search screen to search for the employee whose account you want to lock. Click the View icon to open the employee's record.

Step 4. In the employee record, click the Account button. The Account Options page of the record opens.

Step 5. Click the Account Locked toggle to select Yes. When the background of Yes is blue, the account is locked. 

Step 6. Click Save. A green "Success" message verifies that the change has been made. The employee will now be unable to log in to their account.


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