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Marking a Sale Lost

Autosoft -

If you want to remove a saved deal from the deal list, you must mark the deal as a "lost deal." You will need to assign the deal one of the lost reason codes entered during the system setup. 

After marking the deal as lost, you can delete the deal or reactive it.

Step 1. Open the deal you want to mark as lost.

Step 2. Click the Change Deal Status button above the Deal Summary card in the upper-right corner of any page of the deal. A drop-down menu of options will open.


Step 3. Select Mark As Lost from the menu. 

Step 4. A Mark As Lost pop-up will open. Use the options button in the Loss Reason field to open an options menu and select the reason the sale was lost. You can choose from the reasons your dealership has established in Setup.

Step 5. Click Save and Close. The status next the deal number will now read "Lost."


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