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Adding an Employee to Deal Commissions

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By default, the employee who started the deal is set as the primary employee to receive commission on the deal. However, you can add others to the deal's Commissioning card as necessary.

Step 1. While in a deal, click the Recap button beneath the Deal Summary card. The Recap page of the deal will open. 

Note:  Only users with Dealer Principal, Finance Administrator, and Finance Restricted rights can access the Recap page of the deal.

Step 2. At the bottom of the Recap page, you'll find the Commissioning card. You can view more detailed commissioning information for each employee by clicking the View Detail toggle at the upper-right corner of the page. Click the Actions button in the upper-right of the card and click Add Employee. (The Actions button is available in both the detailed view and the normal view.)

Step 3. The individual employee commissioning pop-up will open. In the Employee card of the pop-up, use the Title field's options button to open a drop-down menu and select the employee's title. 

Step 4. Click the Employee field's options button to open a drop-down menu of employees. Select the employee you want to add to the deal. 

Step 5. If the employee is a primary on the deal, click the Primary toggle to select Yes. Yes will be blue when selected.

Step 6. If the employee is eligible to earn commission on the deal, click the Commissionable toggle to select Yes. Yes will be blue when selected. 

Step 7. The Front Commissions, Back Commission, and Reserve categories in the Commissioning card of the pop-up will auto-populate with the total commissions available for each respective category. The percentage and minimum fields will also populate with the appropriate commission percentage and minimum dollar amount based on defaults you entered during the system setup. If you didn't enter defaults or want to adjust them, simply click into the fields you want to adjust and type a new value. The commission dollar amounts in the right column will change accordingly.

Step 8. Enter a SPIFF dollar amount for the employee if applicable.

Step 9. Click Save and Close. The employee will appear in the Commissioning card at the bottom of the deal's Recap page. 


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