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Viewing and Editing Commissions

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You can view and edit commissions prior to finalizing a deal using the Commissioning card in the Recap page's detailed view. The card displays a list of individuals who are receiving a commission on the deal, as well as the commission totals. Once the deal is finalized, you will not be able to edit the information in the Commissioning card. 

Note:  Only users with Dealer Principal, Finance Administrator, and Finance Restricted access rights can view and edit the Commissioning card and pop-up.

To view the Commissioning card:

Step 1. While in a deal, click the Recap button below the Deal Summary card. The Recap screen will open. 

Step 2. Click the View Detail toggle to open the detailed view. The Commissioning card will appear at the bottom of the Recap page. In the basic recap view, the card will contain the employee name, title, primary status, and total commission on the deal for each employee listed in the deal. In the detailed view, each employee line in the list will also include the front commission, back commission, reserve commission, SPIFF, and total commissions payment. The pop-up button for each employee in either view can be clicked to open the employee's commissioning pop-up. 

Editing Employee Commissions
Once you've clicked the pop-up to open an individual employee's commissioning pop-up, you can edit that employee's commissions on the deal.

Step 1. The Title and Employee fields in the Employee card of the pop-up contain the employee's normal role and name. If the employee didn't act in their official capacity but filled a different role in the deal, click the Title field's options button to select a different title for the employee for this deal only. 

Step 2. The initial salesperson on the deal is flagged as the Primary. However, you can add multiple primaries on the deal using the Primary toggle in each employee's individual commissioning pop-up. To mark an employee as the primary on the deal, click the Primary toggle. When the toggle's background is blue, the employee is the primary. When it's gray, they are not. You can switch back and forth if necessary. 

Step 3. Use the Commissionable toggle to flag the employee as eligible for commission on the deal. A blue Yes denotes the employee is eligible to earn commission on this particular deal. A blue No flags the employee as ineligible for commissioning on the deal. 

Step 4. The Commissioning card of the pop-up lists the deal's total Front Commissions, Back Commissions, and Reserve and the individual employee's share based on role and eligible commission percentage or minimum commission entered during system setup. You can edit the employee's commission for each category by clicking in the percentage field for the category and entering a new percentage or clicking in the minimum field and typing the minimum commission dollar amount for the category. 

Step 5. You can also edit the employee's SPIFF payment by clicking in the SPIFF field and typing a new dollar amount.

Step 6. The employee's total commission on the deal will appear in the Total Commission line. Click Save and Close when you are done editing. 


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