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Viewing and Editing the Back Gross

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Note:  Only users with Dealer Principal, Finance Administrator, and Finance Restricted rights can access the Recap page of the deal. To make edits to the various cards on the page, you must have the appropriate permissions in the Setup application. 

The Back Gross card of the Recap page allows you view the deal's back gross, while also making adjustments to the lender fee and reserve. To access this card and make any changes:

Step 1. While in a deal, click the Recap button in the deal navigation bar below the Deal Summary Card. The Recap screen will open. 

Step 2. Click the View Detail toggle to open the recap detail cards if they aren't already open. 

Step 3. To edit the Lender Fee, click into the field and type the new dollar value. You'll see the Subtotal field will change to reflect that adjustment. 

Step 4. You can also add adjustments to the back options and the gross. Simply type a description for your adjustment in the Adjustment field and dollar value in the Amount field. Then click +. To add another adjustment, click the blue + button again, and another adjustment field will open. To remove an adjustment, click the gray - button. The total Back Gross will change as you make adjustments.

Step 5. If you have the appropriate permissions to edit the reserve, click in the Buy Rate and Participation fields and enter a new percentage. To override the reserve, click the Reserve Override toggle and  enter a dollar figure by which you would like to increase the reserve. 

Step 6. Click Save to commit the changes to the deal. 


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