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Rolling a Balloon or Retail Deal

Autosoft -

Rolling allows you to hit target amounts as you work. All negotiable products added to a deal are available as rollable items within the Roll screen. The price of any front option, back option, or coverage that is not directly associated with a rate table can be used to roll the deal to the desired payment, amount financed, inception, or total gross. Specify the target amount, and the program rolls the available numbers up or down to hit the target. Select which roll you want to accept, and the program edits the deal accordingly. Rolling is only available for retail, balloon, lease, and cash deals, and the items you can roll vary by deal type.

Note:  Credit insurance and some GAP insurance products are directly associated to rate tables and will not be available to roll.

Step 1. Open a deal.

Step 2. Click the Desking button below the Deal Summary card. The Desking page of the deal will open.

Step 3. Click the Roll button in the upper-right corner of the Desking page. 


Step 4. The Roll Deal pop-up will open. For retail and balloon deals, you can roll to affect the payment, amount financed, inception, or total gross. Click the Roll field's options button to open the drop-down menu of roll options and select from Payment, Amount Financed, Inception, or Total Gross. The Starting Amount auto-populates with the current dollar amount in the deal for the category you've selected.


Step 5. In the Target Amount field, type the target value to which you'd like to roll the deal.

Step 6. Click Roll

Step 7. To hit the target amount, the roll will adjust the cash, trade, selling price, APR, and any rollable front options, back options, or coverage items that are not directly associated with a rate table. 


The Amount Before and Front Gross/Back Gross Before columns display each rollable item's deal value before the roll, while the Amount After and Front Gross/Back Gross After columns display the values for the deal items after the roll. If the buyer can work with one of the roll options, click the Apply button on the far right of the line they want to accept. The Roll Deal pop-up will close, and the roll will be reflected in the deal.

Note:  If the buyer isn't happy with the after-roll numbers, you can click the Reset button to clear the roll information and begin again.



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