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Using the Residual Card

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For lease and balloon deals, the Desking page will include a Residual card. Use this card to edit vehicle pricing, enter package discounts, enter and edit the residual percentage and base, and adjust mileage.

Step 1. Open the lease or balloon deal.

Step 2. Click the Desking button under the deal summary card. The Desking page of the deal will open. 

Step 3. In the Residual card, you can edit the vehicle MSRP and enter or edit Package Discounts.

The Residualized Amt field contains the combined total of the MSRP and MSRP Options fields. This is a read-only field.

Step 4. In the Residual % field, enter the percentage of the Residualized Amount that will be left as a residual. The Base Residual field and Total Residual will auto-populate based on the percentage you enter. 


Step 5. Click the Mileage pop-up button. Use this area to set and edit the mileage that affects the lease or balloon residual. A pop-up will open containing a Mileage card and Mileage Adjustments card. 

Enter the standard lease mileage per year in the Mileage card, as well as the Per Mile Over Charge and Refund Per Extra Mile. The Total Miles field will auto-populate based on the figures you entered in the Standard Miles/Year field and the term of the lease. To change the total miles on the lease, click the Override toggle and type a new total miles figure in the field.  

Step 6. Use the Mileage Adjustments card to make any necessary edits to the mileage. Click Save and Close.

The Total Mileage Adjustment dollar figure in the Mileage Adjustments card will appear in the Mileage field of the Residual card, and the Total Residual figure will reflect that number. 



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