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Adding Back Options to a Deal

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While on the Desking page of a deal, if you have the appropriate role or permissions, you can easily add back-end options to the deal and edit the options that have already been added. 

Step 1. Create or open a deal.

Step 2. Click the Desking button on the button bar below the Deal Summary Card. The Desking page of the deal will open. 

Step 3. In the center column of the Desking page, click the Back Options pop-up arrow


Step 4. A pop-up opens containing Front Options and Back Options cards. Use the Back Options Card to add back options to the deal.


Step 5. In the Back Options card, click the options button in the Option Type field to open a drop-down menu listing the various types of back options. 

Step 6. Select the option type from the drop-down menu.

Step 7. Click the options button in the Name field to open the drop-down menu of plans of that type.

Step 8. Select the appropriate plan from the list. 

Step 9. Use the Retail field to enter the retail price of the option. 

Step 10. Type the dealership cost in the Cost field.

Step 11. If the deal is a lease or balloon, you will have to enter the MSRP for the option.

Step 12. Click the Payment toggle to include the option in the monthly payment. If the background of the toggle is blue, the option will be included in the monthly payment.

Step 13. If you have more than one tax option in the system, click the appropriate Tax box for the option.  

Step 14. Continue adding options as needed. When you select the back option Type, a new back option entry line will open below the one you're currently working in, so you don't have to click anything to open a new entry line. 

Step 15. When you've finished adding back options, click Save and Close. The Back Options field on the Desking page will reflect the changes. 

Step 16. Click Save on the Desking screen to commit the updates to the deal. 

If you've only added one back option to the deal, you can adjust the price directly on the Desking page by clicking in the Back Options field and entering a new dollar figure. However, once you've entered more than one back option to the deal, if you need to adjust the price, you'll have to click the Back Options pop-up arrow to open the Back Options pop-up and make adjustments to individual front options. 


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