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Adding Rebates to a Deal

Autosoft -

If rebates apply to a deal's vehicle, you can use the Rebates field on the Desking page of the deal to add the rebate information to the deal.

Step 1. Open the deal.

Step 2. Click the Desking button below the Deal Summary Card. The Desking page of the deal will open.

Step 3. If only one rebate applies to the deal, you can enter the dollar figure directly into the Rebates field in the center column of the Desking page. 

However, if more than one rebate applies to the deal, click the Rebates pop-up button to open a pop-up containing a Rebates card. 


Step 4. In the pop-up's Rebates card, type the name of the rebate in the Name field. 

Step 5. Enter the amount of the rebate in the Amount field. The Total Rebates figure at the bottom of the card will match the figure you entered.

Step 6. Enter the program number and certificate number in their respective fields. 

Step 7. The MFG checkbox is automatically checked. If the rebate is not a manufacturer rebate, click in the box to uncheck it. 

Step 8. If you need to add more rebates, click the blue + button to open a new line and repeat Steps 4 through 7. 

Step 9. Click Save and Close when you're done adding rebates. The Rebates field of the Desking page will contain the Total Rebates value. 

Step 10. Click Save on the Desking page to save the addition to the deal.  




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