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Changing a Buyer on a Deal

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If you’ve built a deal and need to change the buyer, you can easily do that.

Note:  This is different from the process of swapping the buyer and co-buyer. To learn more about swapping the buyer and co-buyer, see the Knowledge Base article, "Swapping the Buyer and Co-Buyer."

Step 1. While in the deal, click the Buyer button under the Deal Summary Card. The Buyer page of the deal will open.

Step 2. Click the Buyer Actions button in the upper-right corner of the Buyer card. A drop-down menu of options will open.

Step 3. Select Change Buyer from the Buyer Actions drop-down menu. The Add Buyer pop-up will open. The fields will retain the parameters set in your latest customer search. Use the Clear button to reset the search fields and build a new search for an existing customer. 

Step 4. Enter the buyer's partial or full name into the Search field and use the remaining fields to further filter the customer list. Click Search or press ENTER. 

Note:  For full directions on using the Customer Search feature, see the article, "Searching for Customers," in the Customer section of the Knowledge Base. 

Step 5. Select your new buyer from the search results and click Save and Close. The original buyer will be replaced by your selection in the Buyer card. 

If the new buyer you want to assign to the deal isn't an existing customer, click Create New Customer on the Add Buyer pop-up. (See the articles, "Adding an Individual Customer" and "Adding a Business Customer," in the Customer section of the Knowledge Base.)

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