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Printing Prospect Forms

Autosoft -

The Forms page of the deal displays the prospect and deal forms available for printing. They range from a “4 Square” form used as a worksheet to work numbers for the deal to deal disclosure forms you are required by law to provide to the customer.

Note:  You can also print the deal disclosure from the Desking page of the deal by clicking the Deal Disclosure button at the top of the page, below the horizontal button bar. 

Step 1. Open the deal.

Step 2. Click the Forms button under the Deal Summary Card. The Forms page of the deal will open. 


Step 3. The Forms page defaults to a list of available deal forms or prospect forms, based on your user preferences. If you haven't set a user preference for the Forms page, the page will default to deals forms. Click the Type field to open a drop-down menu of options and change the form type from Deal Forms to Prospect Forms


Step 4. If you have multiple stores, use the Store field to select a different store. 

Step 5. The prospect forms are listed by name. Locate the form you wish to print from the list and click the checkbox on the left side of the row to select the form. From the Name column, click the form you wish to generate. (You can also click the PDF icon on the right to view the form in a PDF viewer.) 

Step 6. Use the Copies field if you want to print multiple copies of the form. Click the up and down arrows to adjust the number.  

Step 7. When you're ready to print the form, click Print Forms in the lower-right corner of the screenIf you’ve selected to view previews, a PDF preview of the form will open, from which you can print the form. If you chose not to view a preview, the Autosoft Print Manager will open.



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