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Adding a Trade to a Deal

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Use the Trade button in the Sales App to add details for the trade vehicle on a deal. A deal can contain multiple trade vehicles. Although the trade detail must be entered here, the trade allowance and trade payoff can be entered directly on the deal’s Desking page.

Step 1. Open or start a deal.

Step 2. To access the Trade page of the deal, you can either click the Trade button below the Deal Summary Card or while on the Desking page of the deal, click the Trade Allowance or Trade Payoff fields' pop-over buttons in the center column of the page. Either method will open the Trade page of the deal. 


Step 3. Click the Add Trade button in the upper-right corner of the Trades Card. The Vehicle Details pop-up will open for the trade vehicle. This is the same pop-up that opens when you click Add Vehicle in the Vehicle App. However, it includes a Buyer's Vehicles field if customer vehicles are associated with the buyer. 


Step 4. Click the Buyer's Vehicles field to open a drop-down menu listing all the vehicles associated with the buyer. Click a vehicle to select it as the trade. The system pulls data for the Vehicle Details card's fields from the customer vehicle record. 


Step 5. A Stock Number is automatically generated for the trade vehicle.

Step 6. If the buyer doesn't have vehicles associated with their customer record or is trading a vehicle that hasn't been associated with their customer record, use the VIN field to enter the vehicle's VIN. The system will automatically perform a VIN explosion, auto-populating the fields based on the VIN.

Note:  You can enter VINs that are not the standard 17-character length for older or non-automotive vehicles. An alert will inform you that you've entered an invalid VIN. You can dismiss this message and continue building the vehicle record. 

Step 7. The Disposition field in the Vehicle Details card defaults to Retail unless an appraisal was performed on the trade vehicle. If so, the disposition entered for the vehicle in the appraisal will populate the screen. 

Step 8. Enter the Pricing and Lien Holder information (if the trade vehicle is not paid off). In the pop-up's Lien Holder Card, you can click the Lien Holder Actions button to access a drop-down menu of options. Here you can add a new lien holder if the buyer's lien holder is not already in your system. You can also edit a lien holder you've selected from the Lien Holder field's drop-down menu. You can also clear the current lien holder. 

Step 9. Click Save and Add Another Trade if the buyer has more than one vehicle to trade, or click Save and Continue to keep building the deal. Under the Trades heading on the Deal Summary Card, you'll see the trade vehicle you just added.

Note:  Once you've added a trade vehicle, the deal's Trade page will include a Vehicle Insurance button, which you can use to add the insurance information for the vehicle. 

(For detailed instructions for entering a trade vehicle into the system, see the article, “Adding a Vehicle to Your Inventory.”)

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