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Adding a Vehicle to a Deal

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When building a deal, you’ll use the Vehicle page of the deal to add the vehicle to the deal.

Step 1. Open or start a deal.

Step 2. Click the Vehicle button under the Deal Summary Card. The deal's Vehicle page opens, containing the Vehicle Search card.

Step 3. The full list of inventory vehicles is listed in the Vehicle Search list. Scroll through the list to locate the vehicle you want to add to the deal or use the Search and Filter features to narrow down the list to the vehicles that match your search criteria. 

Use the Search field to type search terms for a simple search. Include a space between words. Click Search or press ENTER. A list of results matching your search terms opens. 

To use the Filter feature, click the blue Filter button in the upper-right corner of the Vehicle Search Card. An array of filter fields open. As you choose criteria using the fields, the list of results reflects the selections. (For more details, see the article, "Filtering the Vehicle Search Page," in the Vehicle section of the Knowledge Base.)

Step 4. Click to select the vehicle from the search results. The Vehicle Quick Look Card opens with the basic vehicle information. If this is the vehicle you want to add to the deal, click Add to Deal


Note:  If a red alert symbol appears next to the vehicle make and model on the Quick Look Card, this signifies that the vehicle has open repairs that must be addressed prior to sale. 

Step 5. A green "Success" message verifies that the vehicle has been added to the deal. You'll now see it listed under the Vehicle label in the Deal Summary Card at the top of the screen. Additionally, the selected vehicle's Vehicle Summary Card populates the Vehicle page of the deal below the horizontal button bar. 

Tip:  To view more of the Desking page on the screen without scrolling, you can collapse the Deal Summary Card and/or the Vehicle Summary Card by clicking the large blue upward-facing caret at the upper-left corner of the respective card. You can re-expand the card by clicking the large blue downward-facing caret.

Below the Vehicle Summary Card, you'll see the deal vehicle's complete vehicle record opened to the Overview page. You can open the Equipment, Coverage, Service History, and Accounting pages of the vehicle record by clicking the corresponding buttons. You can edit the information on these vehicle record pages directly from the deal.  


Step 6. You can use the vehicle action buttons in the upper-right corner of the deal's Vehicle page to add, view, or edit the vehicle insurance, open the vehicle record in the Vehicle app, remove the vehicle from the deal, or delete the vehicle. Pop-ups will open to perform the various actions.


Important: If you select Open Vehicle Record, you will navigate away from the Sales app to the Vehicle app. When you return to the Sales app, you will have to recall the deal from the Deal Search list.



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