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Adding a Co-Buyer to a Deal

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When creating a deal, you can easily add a co-buyer (or co-applicant) to the deal once you've added a buyer.  

Step 1. Start the deal or find an existing deal on the Deal Search screen and open it. 

Step 2. Click Buyer on the horizontal button bar under the Deal Summary Card. The Buyer page of the deal will open with the buyer listed and an empty Co-Buyer card.

You can also add a co-buyer by hovering over the Buyer button while on any page of the deal. This will open the Buyer menu.

Select Co-Buyer from the menu to open the Co-Buyer card only (the Buyer card won't open with it) and add the co-buyer to the deal.

Step 3. No matter if you've used the Buyer button or the Co-Buyer option in the Buyer menu, you'll have to click Add Co-Buyer to Deal. The Add Co-Buyer pop-up will open. 

Step 4. Any customers that have been connected to the buyer will automatically populate the pop-up. However, if the co-buyer is not listed among the connections in the pop-up, you can search for the co-buyer among existing customers or create a new customer.

To search for an existing customer to add as a co-buyer, enter the co-buyer’s full or partial name in the Search field and click Search. If the co-buyer is in the system, click the radio button next to the co-buyer's name in the search results to select the co-buyer. In the Relationship Type column (required), use the options button to open a drop-down list and select whether the co-buyer is an employee, friend, relative, or other relation of the buyer. Use the field in the Title column to further specify the type of relationship. Click Save and Close

If the co-buyer isn't an existing customer, click Create New Customer to add information for the co-buyer. For complete directions on adding a customer to the system, see the Knowledge Base article "Adding an Individual Customer."

Step 5. If you selected an existing customer, the customer's information will populate the Buyer page as co-buyer. Their customer record will open to the Detail page, and from here, you can click License or Credit to view or edit that information. For details on adding the co-buyer's credit information, see the Knowledge Base article, "Adding an Individual Customer's Credit Information."

If you created a new connection while adding the co-buyer, both the buyer and co-buyer's customer records will have been updated with the Connection

Step 6. To view both the Buyer and Co-Buyer cards, click the Buyer button again.  



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