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Recalling a Deal

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Recalling an existing deal in the system is simple.

Step 1. From the dashboard, click the Sales App button on the left navigation bar. The Deal Search screen opens, listing all deals created in the last 30 days. If a deal is currently being worked by another user, the In Use column for the deal will display the name of the user working the deal. 


Step 2. Scroll through the deals to find the one you’re looking for or use the search fields to select your search criteria. You can also type search terms, like the deal number, buyer’s name, or any combination of the deal vehicle's year, make, and model, directly in the Search field. Click Search.

Step 3. Preview a deal by single-clicking on the deal in the search results. A Quick Look Card containing basic deal information will open.


Step 4. Verify that this is the correct deal by reviewing the information in the Quick Look Card. If this is the correct deal, click the View Deal button in the upper-right corner of the card to open the deal or click the blue pop-over arrow to the right of the View Deal button to open the deal in a new Web browser tab (helpful if you're working several deals at once and want to move between them as easily and quickly as possible). If it is not, click the X button above the Quick Look Card's upper-right corner.

You can also open the deal directly from the search results by clicking the View icon in the View column of the deal listing or by double-clicking on the deal (Double-clicking only applies for PC usage, not for tablets.).

Step 5. The deal opens to the Overview screen, which provides an at-a-glance recap of the deal. The Deal Summary Card contains the same information that was displayed in the Quick Look Card. 


Note: When opening a "Working" deal with a Purchase Date that doesn't match the current date, a yellow alert banner will open at the top of the screen. You can select to simply clear the alert by clicking the gray X in the upper-right corner of the alert banner and either take no action or manually update the date, or you can click the Update button on the banner to automatically update the Purchase Date field to the current date.

A yellow alert banner will also display when opening an active deal in which the customer's address has changed and no longer matches the deal's State field. The alert will remind you to verify that the taxes and fees for the deal are correct. Click the gray X in the upper-right of the banner to dismiss the alert.

The Deal Summary Card can be collapsed using the large blue upward-facing caret to display more of the deal with less scrolling.

Note:  The system retains your last used Deal Summary Card setting. If you last had the card collapsed, when you open the next deal, its Deal Summary Card will be collapsed. If the card was expanded, the next deal you open will display the expanded Deal Summary Card. 


Step 6. Use the buttons in the horizontal bar under the Deal Summary Card to move through the various pages of the deal (Desking, Buyer, Vehicle, Trade, Forms, Recap, and Integration). 

Step 7. Review and make changes as necessary. For details on editing a deal, see the various deals about editing deal information in the Knowledge Base article.

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