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Understanding the Sales Graphs

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You can access the Sales Graphs at the top of the Sales Search screen by clicking the Sales App icon in the left navigation panel. The Sales Dashboard is comprised of the Deal Snapshot, Top Vehicles Sold, and Top Salespersons units. These areas provide a dynamic, at-a-glance representation of sales information. 

Note: The Sales Graphs view is tailored to your user role and permissions. Some of the following information may be inaccessible to you.


If you wish to view more search results, use the upward-pointing blue caret in the upper-left corner of the dashboard to collapse the Sales Graphs. To view the graphs again, click the downward-pointing blue caret


Deal Snapshot

This widget provides month-to-date closed deal data. It is updated as deals are closed (page must be refreshed to see changes) and gives you a wealth of deal information:

  • Sold: This is the number of deals in the system currently marked “Sold.”
  • Cash: This represents the percentage of your deals that are cash.
  • Finance Penetration: This demonstrates the percentage of financed retail deals. 
  • Lease Penetration: This represents the percentage of lease deals.
  • Avg Front Gross: This dollar amount illustrates the average gross from front-end options in the closed deals.
  • Total Front Gross: This dollar figure illustrates the total gross from front options on closed deals.
  • Avg Back Gross: This dollar figure represents the average gross from back-end options in the closed deals.
  • Total Back Gross: This figure represents the total gross from back options on closed deals.
  • Avg Total Gross: This dollar figure illustrates the average total gross of your closed deals.
  • Total Gross: This dollar figure is the sum of the Front Gross and Back Gross figures. 

Use the Exclude Fleet toggle to control whether deals flagged as fleet vehicles are included in the Deal Snapshot's month-to-date figures.

When the Exclude Fleet toggle is in the "Off" position (indicated by a gray background), fleet vehicles are included in the month-to-date count of vehicles sold, penetration percentage, totals, and averages. This is the default view.


When the Exclude Fleet toggle is in the "On" position (indicated by a blue background), fleet vehicles are excluded from the month-to-date count of vehicles sold, penetration percentage, totals, and averages. 


Important:  Reports can be customized to filter based on fleet flags. If you have reports on which you'd like to enable fleet-based filtering, please make a request to Autosoft's Customer Success Center at 800.473.4630.


Top Vehicles Sold

This bar graph illustrates the vehicle models associated with the most sales in your dealership. With a quick glimpse, you can see which vehicles are most popular, and the number of each of those vehicles sold during the buying period. This could help you with future floorplan decisions.


Top Salespersons

This bar graph illustrates your top five salespeople. Each leading salesperson has a bar labeled with their last name and first initial (hovering over a bar reveals the salesperson's full name), and at the top is the total number of vehicles that salesperson has sold for the period. A quick look lets you know who's having a great month and who's struggling to close deals. 


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