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Adding Vehicle Images

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You can add an unlimited number of photos of a vehicle to its vehicle record. These images will appear in the Vehicle Summary card, where you can view, edit, delete, rearrange, and apply customer overlays and unique watermarks to the images you've uploaded. If you use a third-party partner to display your inventory online, these enhanced images will help you showcase vehicles to online shoppers and increase the number of prospective buyers who will ultimately click on your listing to view your vehicle photos and details.

Step 1. From any page in a vehicle record, click the Add Images box in the Vehicle Summary Card. This box is only present if images have not been added to the vehicle record. 

You can also click the Edit Images button in the upper-left corner of the vehicle record, above the Vehicle Summary Card.


Step 2. The vehicle images pop-up opens. Here you can either drag and drop the vehicle images or use the Upload button to select the images from your files.

To drag and drop vehicle images, navigate to the folder on your computer containing the images for the vehicle. Open the folder. Highlight the images you want to upload to the vehicle record and drag them into the drag-and-drop window. You can drag one image at a time or highlight multiple images and then drag from one of the highlighted images.


To upload images, click the Upload button on the pop-up. This opens your File Explorer window or Open dialogue, where you can navigate to the folder in which your vehicle images are stored. Click to select the image you want to upload or highlight multiple images. Click Open.

Note:  You can select multiple images for drag-and-drop or upload in a variety of ways. If the images are located side by side, you can click on an image, hold, and drag to the left or right of the image to select additional images. A transparent blue box will surround the photos as you drag the mouse over them. When you release the mouse, the images are selected. You can also select multiple images by pressing and holding the CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking on images with your mouse.

Step 3. The images appear in the drag-and-drop window. The first image in the window is the Featured Image, which appears on the Vehicle Summary Card. If you wish to change the featured image, simply click on a different image in the window and drag and drop it to the left of the current featured image.

The other images are numbered in the order in which they will appear in the photo array. You can also rearrange those images by dragging them to the left or right and dropping them into the position you wish. 


Step 4. When you're happy with the order of the images, click Close to close the pop-up. 

Step 5. Click the featured vehicle image on the Vehicle Summary Card and use the arrows to view the photos. 




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