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Viewing a Vehicle's Accounting Details

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Note:  The Accounting page of vehicle records is permissions-based. If you do not have the appropriate permissions, the information on this page of the record will not be visible to you. 

The Accounting page of a vehicle record displays any transactions posted by your Accounting department using the vehicle stock number. This information is read-only and is pulled into the Vehicle application as the Accounting department makes changes. The page is comprised of two cards: Accounting and Documents.


The Accounting card displays the accounting values for the current month and post ahead month. The card provides the original inventory, total of internals, total inventory (original inventory + internals), schedule, and floorplan values. Any postings made by the Accounting department to the new or used car journal using the vehicle stock number will affect the original inventory amount. Any postings to other journals will affect the vehicle's internals. 


The Documents card lists any documents posted by Accounting using the vehicle's stock number, including the purchase invoice for the vehicle and any closed internal repair orders. Each document listing includes the Document number, Date of the document posting, Journal number, general ledger (G/L) account, Description, dollar amount debited, dollar amount credited, and whether the posting is a Post Ahead (plus the post-ahead month, if it is). 


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