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Viewing Open Repairs on an Inventory Vehicle

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When an inventory vehicle has repairs open, the system alerts you of this, first in the vehicle quick-look card on the Vehicle Search screen, and again in the Vehicle Summary Card at the top of the vehicle record. A red alert icon will appear next to the vehicle make and model at the top of each card. 


When you hover over the alert icon in either location, the dollar amount for the open repair is displayed. If a dollar amount was not entered for the open repair order, the alert pop-up will display "$1.00" for the amount. However, if a dollar amount was entered for the open repair, it will be displayed here. 


To view the open repair order:

Step 1. Click the View Vehicle button in the vehicle's Quick Look Card. The vehicle record opens to the Overview page. 

Step 2. Click the Service History button below the Vehicle Summary Card. The vehicle's Service History page opens, listing all repair orders on the vehicle, both open and closed. 


Step 3. Locate the repair order with the "Open" status and click to open the repair order pop-up. You are able to view the repairs that were performed, the parts, labor, and other pricing, and any discounts and taxes. 


Step 4. To close the repair order card, click the gray X above the upper-right corner of the card. 


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