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Viewing a Vehicle's Service History

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The Service History page of a vehicle record lists any services that have been performed on the vehicle. Viewing the repair orders is simple.

Step 1. While in a vehicle record, click the Service History button below the Vehicle Summary card. The Service History page of the vehicle record will open, listing any repair orders on the vehicle, including the RO number, Date of the repair, Status (Open, Closed), service Type (Service, Body Shop), Service Advisor, and the Total dollar figure for the each. 


Step 2. To view a pop-up containing the repair order information, click on the repair order in the Service History list. The repair order pop-up opens, providing more detailed information about the repair. Each of the individual repairs on the repair order will be listed, along with the parts, labor, and other pricing. The repair order pop-up also shows any applied discount and tax, if applicable. 


Step 3. To close the repair order pop-up, click the gray X button above the card's upper-right corner.




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