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Merging Customers

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You can use the merge function to combine multiple records for the same individual customer into a single record. This feature cleans up your customer records without sacrificing any customer information or requiring any rekeying. The customer’s activity, vehicles, and notes are merged with the selected individual.

This feature can be useful, for example, if you find that a female customer has a record under her maiden name, and a second under her married name, or when a customer has been entered into the system multiple times by different dealership employees.

Note: If more than two customer records exist in the system for the same customer, you must merge the original customer record with one record at a time. 

Step 1. On the Customer Search screen, locate the customer for whom you want to merge records. Click the View icon to open one of the customer’s records. The Customer Record will open to the Overview screen.

Step 2. Click  Merge Individual. The Merge Individual modal will open.


Step 3. Enter the customer’s partial or full name in the Search field and click Search or press ENTER.

Step 4. From the search results, click on the customer record you want to merge with the original customer record. This will be referred to as the Selected Individual, while the customer record you opened originally will be referred to as the Original Individual.

Step 5. Click Merge Individual.

Step 6. A Confirm Merge Individual modal will notify you of any conflicts between the two customer records. It will list all of the conflicts, providing the differing information in the Original Individual and the Selected Individual columns. Verify with your customer which of the two options is correct and click the radio button in the appropriate column to select the correct detail. Continue this process for each conflict.



If no conflicts are found, the modal will notify you of that.


Note: While the Merge Customer feature will merge the activity, vehicles, and notes from the Selected Individual with those of the Original Individual, any connections established in the Selected Individual’s record will be lost. Make note of the Selected Individual’s connections so you can re-enter them in the Original Individual’s record.


Step 7. To proceed, click Complete Merge. A green “Success” message will confirm that the merge was successfully completed.

Step 8. You will be returned to the Original Individual’s Customer Overview page. Use the Add Connection button in the Customer Summary card to re-establish any Selected Individual connections that were lost. (See the Knowledge Base item “Adding an Existing Customer as a Customer Connection” for details on adding connections.

Step 9. Once the records are merged, you can pause in the i icon next to the Customer Number label on the summary card to view all of the customer numbers associated with this customer for reference. 




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