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Editing Vehicle Equipment

Autosoft -

If you wish to change the description of equipment in a vehicle record to make it more descriptive or less lengthy, you can edit the information using the Equipment page of the vehicle record. 

Step 1. While in a vehicle record, click the Equipment button below the Vehicle Summary card. The Equipment page of the vehicle record opens, listing all the options or equipment entered for the vehicle.


Step 2. Click the View icon in the right column. The Edit Equipment pop-up opens.

You can also access this pop-up by clicking the equipment you wish to edit from the list, which opens a quick-look card with Delete and Edit buttons. Click Edit. The Edit Equipment pop-up opens. 


Step 3. Make the necessary changes to the Description field.

Step 4. You can also use the Type drop-down menu to change the equipment type. The menu includes Dealer, Option, and Standard. 

Step 5. Use the Code, MSRP, and Cost fields to edit the corresponding information as necessary. 

Step 6. Use the Print toggle to determine if the equipment automatically prints on vehicle forms. 

Step 7. Click Save and Close. A green "Success" message verifies that the changes have been saved.


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