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Adding Vehicle Equipment

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You can use the Equipment page of the vehicle record to add options or equipment to a vehicle record to help in sales efforts later. The equipment can be easily viewed and searched to ensure a vehicle has everything your customer is looking for. 

Step 1. While in a vehicle record's Overview page, click the Decode button in the Vehicle Details card. This ensures the most accurate information is available based on the vehicle's VIN.

Step 2. Click the Equipment button below the Vehicle Summary card. The Equipment list opens. 


Step 3. Click the Add Equipment button in the upper-right corner of the Equipment page. The Add Equipment pop-up opens.


Step 4. Use the Type drop-down to select the equipment type. This field is required.

Select from Dealer, Option, and Standard. 

The primary use of this feature is to add dealer-installed equipment. Use Dealer to add any such equipment.

You can also use the Option or Standard equipment types to detail or change how an option that was returned by the VIN decoder is described.

Step 5. Use the Description field to type a name or description for the equipment you're adding. 

Step 6. Enter the Code for the option.

Step 7. Enter the MSRP and Cost for the option.

Step 8. Use the Print toggle to determine if the equipment you're adding will automatically print on vehicle forms.

Step 9. Click Save and Close. The option appears in the Equipment list. 

To learn how to add optional equipment to the record, see the Knowledge Base article, "Selecting Optional Equipment."



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