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Editing a Vehicle Record

Autosoft -

Making changes to a vehicle record is easy. 

Step 1. Select the vehicle from the Vehicle Search screen. Click the View icon or click View Vehicle from inside the vehicle's Quick Look card.

Step 2. The vehicle record will open to the Overview page. Make any necessary changes in the Vehicle Details, Pricing, Details, Dealer Details, and Additional Serial Numbers cards by clicking in a field and selecting a different option from a drop-down menu or typing the new information in place of existing data. 

To remove any additional serial numbers, click the Remove (gray -) button in the Additional Serial Numbers card.

Step 3. You can also make changes to the record's Equipment and Coverage pages by clicking the corresponding buttons in the horizontal button bar and making any necessary changes to those pages.

Step 4. When you're done making changes on each page, click the Save button before moving on to a different page of the record. A green "Success" message will alert you that your changes have been saved. 



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