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Making a Customer Inactive

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You cannot delete customers from the system. You can, however, mark a customer inactive in the event that the customer has moved out of the area, been out of contact for an extended period of time, or has passed away. By marking a customer inactive, you maintain the connections you created for the customer, as well as all of the customer's record.

When searching for customers, any customers marked “inactive” will not appear. However, you can use the Show Inactive toggle at the bottom right of the Customer Search screen to include inactive customers in the search results. Any inactive customers will be noted as such in the Status column of the Customer Search screen.

Step 1. Search for the customer you wish to edit using the Customer Search screen.

Step 2. From the search results, click the View icon for the customer to select the individual or business customer. You can also click on the customer to open the Customer Quick Look card and verify that this is the customer you wish to edit. Within the Quick Look card, you can click View Individual or View Business, depending on the customer type. The customer record will open.

Step 3. In the upper-right corner of the screen above the Customer Summary card, click the Set Inactive button.


A green “Success” message will verify that the change has been made. You’ll also notice that next to the customer’s name in the Customary Summary card, the word “Inactive” appears. The customer will no longer appear in the Customer Search list unless you click the Show Inactive toggle.



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