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Understanding the Customer Overview Screen

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Both individual and business customer records contain the Overview screen. This screen contains the Customer Summary CardCustomer Value, and Customer History, giving you a fuller understanding of the customer’s true value to your dealership, which can help you when making decisions about customer needs, previous and possible sales, and marketing to that customer.

Customer Summary Card

The Customer Summary Card provides you with a view of the customer's basic contact information, connections, and vehicles. With a glance, you can learn a bit about a customer. 

Customer Value

Note: You must have the appropriate permissions to view a customer’s value.

The Customer Value card on the Customer Overview screen illustrates the customer’s value to your dealership based on the number of vehicles they’ve purchased from you, dollars spent, optional product value, front gross profit, back gross profit, Finance reserve, and total profit generated from that customer. This value is represented both numerically and through graphs.

A customer’s value is determined by the following:

  • Total Vehicles Sold: This figure represents the number of vehicles the customer has purchased from your dealership.
  • Total Sales Price: This figure is the total of the sales price for all vehicles the customer has purchased from your dealership. 
  • Front Gross Profit: This figure represents the total gross profit your dealership has made from all front adds the customer has purchased on deals from your dealership.
  • Back Gross Profit: This figure represents the total gross profit your dealership has made from all back adds on your customer's deals with your dealership. 
  • Total Profit: This figure is the total profit your dealership has made on the customer’s vehicle purchases. 
  • Optional Products: This figure is the value of the optional products the customer has added to all deals they’ve done with your dealership. 
  • Finance Reserve: This figure represents the total finance reserve you’ve made on all the deals the customer has done with your dealership.

Customer History

The Customer History card on the Customer Overview screen provides a full list of the customer’s history with your dealership. This allows you to understand a customer’s needs and gauge how to approach the customer in a sales situation.

Customer History deal entries include the dealership Department (Sales now, but in the future, you will be able to see a customer’s full activity in Parts, Service, and Accounting), Record Number, deal Type, Date of transaction, Status, Description, and Employee responsible for the transaction.

When you single-click an item from the Customer History list, a Deal Summary quick look card will open. You can review the basic deal information on the quick look card and click the View Deal button in the upper-right corner of the card to view the full deal record. You can also click the View icon to open the full deal record.

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