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Adding an Individual Customer’s Credit Information

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Once a customer has been created in the system, you can add credit information for that customer for use in the sales and financing process. The information added here will be used to run credit checks and complete financing. This is optional based on your customer’s needs within your dealership, so you may not wish to add it until you pull the customer to a deal as a buyer or co-buyer.

Note:  You can also add this information in the Sales app when you assign a buyer or co-buyer to a deal. Whether the buyer or co-buyer is a current customer or a new one, the Buyer page of the deal allows you to enter or edit the customer's credit information, as well as their driver's license information. 

Step 1. While in a customer’s record, click Credit on the button bar below the Customer Summary card. The Credit page of the customer record opens.

Step 2. Use the Residence card to add information about the customer’s current home address. If you entered a physical address for the customer when creating the customer record, it will auto-populate this section. If you have not entered a home address for the customer, do so at this point.

Step 3. If you intend to use the information to run credit checks and complete financing paperwork, you must enter additional information to the Residence card. Use the Type field to select Own, Rent, Buying, Parents, or Other to denote the nature of the residence.

Use the YR Resided and MO Resided fields to denote the number of years and months the customer has lived at this residence.

Enter the remaining current residence financial details using the Mortgage Co./Landlord, Payment/Rent, Mortgage Balance, and Market Value fields.

Step 4. Use the Previous Residence card to add information about the customer’s last address and residency.

Step 5. In the Employment History card, enter the customer’s current employer information and pay details. Be sure to enter the years and months the customer has worked at the job in the YR Worked and MO Worked fields. Check the Current Employer box to signify that the information listed is for the customer’s current employer. If the customer is self-employed, check the Self-Employed box. Use the blue + button to add additional current employers and past employers. Use the gray – button to remove an employer from the customer’s record.

Note:  If you do not check the Current Employer box to signify the customer is currently employed by the employer, the system has a default feature that will automatically mark the first employer you enter for a customer as the current employer when you click Save

Step 6. In the Income card, enter details pertaining to any previous financing, additional income, and checking and savings balances.

Step 7. Use the References card to add references for the customer. Note the relationship between the customer and the reference in the Relationship field and the length of the relationship in the YR Known and MO Known fields. To add references, click the blue + button. To remove a reference, click the gray – button.

Step 8. Click Save when you have finished adding customer credit information.


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