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Editing a Customer Vehicle

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If a customer's vehicle record requires editing, or if the customer is no longer in possession of a vehicle that is listed in their customer record, you can edit and/or mark the vehicle as inactive. Making a vehicle inactive will maintain the vehicle in the customer’s record, but it will signify that the vehicle is no longer owned or operated by the user. This provides you with a fuller understanding of the customer’s vehicle history and helps you determine their vehicle needs and interests.

Step 1. While in a customer record, click the Vehicles button on the horizontal button bar. The Customer Vehicles screen opens.


You can also view the vehicles associated with the customer’s record in the Vehicles area of the Customer Summary Card at the top of the screen.


Step 2. From the Vehicles list on the Vehicles page of the customer record, click to select the vehicle record you wish to open. The Vehicle quick-look card opens.

Step 3. Use the buttons in the upper-right corner of the quick-look card to view the vehicle record (View Vehicle) by closing the Customer app and opening the vehicle record in the Vehicle app or open the vehicle record in a new browser tab (using the pop-out icon to the right of View Vehicle) while the customer record remains open on the current tab. You can also edit the vehicle and owner details using the Edit Owner Details button. The Edit Vehicle pop-up opens.

Step 4. Make any necessary changes to the vehicle information.


Step 6. Click Save and Close to update the vehicle record. 


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