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Viewing and Editing Notes in a Customer Record

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Once you’ve entered notes in a customer’s record, you can review those notes and edit them if necessary.

Note:  Only users with the appropriate permissions can edit customer notes. 

Step 1. After searching for a customer and opening their customer record, click the Activity button in the horizontal button bar below the Customer Summary Card. The Notes & Activity screen will open.

Step 2. Depending on the length of the note, you may not be able to see the entire note in the Notes & Activity list. To view the note in its entirety, click on the note you wish to view. The Note Quick Look Card will open containing the full note.

You can also view (and edit) the note by clicking the View icon in the View column. 

To edit the note, click Edit in the Note Quick Look Card. The Edit Note pop-up will open. The current date will appear under "Edit Note." You can't change this date. This is the same pop-up that will open why you click the View icon in the View column of the Notes & Activity list. 

Step 3. Make your edits and click Save and Close to save the updated note. The date of the note in the Notes & Activity list will reflect the date of the edit. 


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