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Adding Notes to a Customer Record

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You can use the Activity’s button to add notes to a customer record. This allows you to record customer visits, and correspondence with the customer, or important notes that will help ensure top customer satisfaction. Those notes can be viewed on the Activity page by any dealership employee with access to the Customer application.

Step 1. After searching for a customer and opening or creating the customer record, click the Activity button in the horizontal button bar below the Customer Summary. The Notes & Activity screen will open.

Step 2. Click Add Note in the upper-right corner of the Notes & Activity screen. The Add Note popup will open. The current system date will automatically display under “Add Note.” This date cannot be changed.

Step 3. Type the note you wish to add to the customer record. Click Save and Close to save the note. The note will appear in the Notes & Activity list. The listing will include the date of entry, note, and the name of dealership employee who created the note.


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