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Editing or Removing a Connection

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You can easily edit or remove a connection from a business or individual customer's record. This is helpful if the relationship changes, the business no longer employs a listed connection, or the customer notifies you of a severing of their relationship with a connection. 

Step 1. While in a customer’s customer record, click the Connections button in the horizontal button bar. The Connections screen opens. 

Step 2. The connections that have been added for the customer are listed. Each entry contains the connection’s first and last names (or possibly business name if the customer record you’re working in is an individual), relationship type, and title. If the customer record is a business, the primary contact for the business will be signified in the list by Yes in the Primary column. All other contacts will have No listed in the column.

You can edit the Relationship Type by clicking the options button and choosing a new type from the drop-down menu. You can also type a new title into the Title field. 

Step 3. If you want to remove a connection, click on the connection you want to remove from the customer record. A Quick Look Card containing the connection's information opens.

Step 4. Click Remove Connection.

Step 5. An alert asks you to verify that you want to remove the connection. Click Remove. The connection is immediately removed from the customer’s list of connections.

Step 6. Click Save to save any changes you've made to the Connections screen.


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