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Using the Advanced Customer Search

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The Advanced Customer Search feature allows you to limit search results to only those that meet particular criteria. You can set filters for customer type, last customer activity dates, and notes. The system retains your search, so if you navigate away from the Customer Search screen, when you return, your search terms and results will remain.

Note:  You can set a default customer search method on your user preferences page. To learn how to use your preferences, see the Dashboard Knowledge Base article, "Setting Your User Preferences." 

Step 1. If you don't have the advanced search set as your default for the Customer Search screen, you'll click the blue filter icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to access the advanced search fields. To the right of the Search field, the Customer Type, Last Activity, and Notes fields open.


Tip:  By default, the Customer Search screen displays active customers only. You can include inactive customers in the list by clicking the Show Inactive toggle at the lower-right corner of the screen. When the background of the toggle is blue, the inactive customers are included in the list. You can omit the inactive customers by clicking the toggle again. 

Step 2. Use the drop-down menu in the Customer Type field to choose All Customers (default), Individuals, or Businesses. To select an option or options, click on the option. A blue checkmark to the left of the option signifies it's been selected. You can clear a selection by clicking the option a second time.

Note:  Individual customers include dealership employees. 

Step 3. Click the options caret to open the Last Activity Date menu. To select a date field, click the radio button next to Within the Last __ Day(s)/Week(s)/Month(s)/Year(s), More than __ Day(s)/Week(s)/Month(s)/Year(s) Ago, or Between __ and __. If you do not select a date filter, the field will default to “Any Activity Date.”

To use Within the Last ___ Day(s)/Week(s)/Month(s)/Year(s), click the radio button in front of the field to select the option. Type the number of days, weeks, months, or years you would like to search for customer activity. Use the drop-down menu to select days, weeks, months, or years.

To use More Than ___ Days/Weeks/Months/Years Ago, click the radio button in front of the field to select the option. Enter the number of days, weeks, months, or years you would like to use to narrow the search. Use the drop-down menu top select days, weeks, months, or years.

To use Between ___ and ___, click the radio button in front of the field and enter the starting and ending date for the search or use the calendar buttons in each field to click on the appropriate date for each field.

Step 4. Use the Notes field to enter any keywords that would have been used in the customer record’s notes.

Step 5. Click Search. The search results listed are updated accordingly.

If you don't see the customer you were looking for, use the Clear button to the right of the filter fields to clear the filter parameters and begin a new search. 

Step 6. If you do find the customer you were looking for, click once on the customer line in the search results or click the View icon in the View column of the customer listing. The customer quick-look card opens, listing the customer number, date the customer was created in the system, date of the last modification to the customer record, phone number, connections, vehicles, email address, and address.


Step 7. To open the full customer record, click View Individual or View Business in the upper-right corner of the customer quick-look card. To close the customer summary, click the X button above the upper-right corner of the quick look card.

You can also open the full customer record by double-clicking the customer from the list.


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