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Searching for Customers

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The Customer Search screen is the default landing page of the Customer application. From here, you can search for existing customers and add new customers. To perform a direct search, use the Search field to enter specific search terms. To learn how to use the Filter feature, see the Knowledge Base article, "Using the Advanced Customer Search."

Note:  You can set a default customer search method on your user preferences page. To learn how to use your preferences, see the Dashboard Knowledge Base article, "Setting Your User Preferences." 


Step 1. While on any screen in the system, click the Customer app button in the blue navigation bar along the left side of the screen. The Customer Search screen opens, listing all of the dealership’s customers alphabetically. Your cursor will automatically move to the Search field, which will be highlighted.

Step 2. You can use the scrollbar on the right side of the screen to scan the customer list to find the customer for whom you're looking. By default, the list is arranged by customer last name. To sort the customer list by another piece of customer data, click the header of the column containing the data you want to sort by. 

You can use the Search field to type a word or phrase, including a space between the search words. Entering multiple words in the Search field will perform a search with “and.” For example, searching for John Smith will return results that include both John AND Smith. 

You can search by entering a full or partial customer name, business name, address, phone number, email address, or customer number. 

    • When typing partial names in the Search field, the program will provide results for all customer names containing the partial name.
    • If you search by a phone number, you must type at least three digits in the Search field.
Tip:  The Customer Search screen only shows active customers by default. You can include inactive customers in the list by clicking the Show Inactive toggle at the lower-right corner of the screen. When the background of the toggle is blue, the inactive customers will be included in the list. You can omit the inactive customers by clicking the toggle again. 

Step 3. Click Search or press ENTER. A list opens containing the customers who meet the criteria you entered.

Step 4. From the search results, click once on the customer you want to view or click the View icon in the View column of the customer listing. The Customer Quick Look Card opens, listing the customer number, date the customer was created in the system, date of the last modification to the customer record, phone number, connections, vehicles, email address, and address.

Step 5. To open the full customer record, click View Individual or View Business in the upper-right corner of the Customer Quick Look Card. To close the customer summary, click the X button above the upper-right corner of the quick look card.

You can also open the full customer record by double-clicking the customer from the list.

Tip:  The system saves your last search. When you navigate away from the screen and return to it, your last search will be displayed.



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