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Editing Customer Information

Autosoft -

Once you’ve created an individual or business customer in the program, you can edit the customer’s information to keep it current or make any necessary changes. You will also use this process if you've created a new customer while building another customer's connections. Access that new customer's customer record to add contact information and any necessary information. 

Step 1. Search for the customer you wish to edit using the Customer Search screen.

Step 2. From the search results, you can open the customer record in one of three ways.

You can single-click on the customer in the search results to open the Customer Summary card popover and verify that this is the customer you wish to edit. Within the popup, you can click View Individual or View Business, depending on the customer type.


You can also double-click on the customer in the search results to open the customer record. Or you can click the magnifying glass icon in the View column for the customer to select the individual or business customer and open the customer record to the Customer Overview screen. 

Step 3. Once you're in the customer record, click the Detail button in the horizontal button bar. The Detail screen will open. 

Step 4. The Customer Detail screen allows you to edit the customer’s Basic Information, Address, Phone Numbers, and Email Addresses card. Click in the field you wish to edit, type or select the necessary information.

Step 5. Click Save to save the changes. A green “Success” message verifies the edits have been saved.


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