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Adding a New Customer as a Customer Connection

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You can add one or more connections to an individual or business customer using the Add Connection button in the Customer Summary card at the top of any customer screen or from the Connections button in the horizontal button bar. Once two customers are connected, the connection is visible from either customer record.

For individual customers, connections can be employees, friends, relatives, or other relations. You can assign the relationship type and enter a title or specific relationship for that connection. For example, you may note that a family connection is specifically the customer's mother. You can also choose a company to which you wish to connect an individual customer.

When you add connections to a business customer, these connections—business employees—become business contacts, and you can set one of those connections as the primary contact for the business. The first connection you add for a business customer will be marked as the primary connection. However, you can change that designation. Primary contacts only apply to business customer connections.

When creating customer connections, you may find that the customer has a spouse or close family member that isn't already in the system or owns a business that you can add to the database. You may also find that a business customer has contacts that are not already in your system. In such cases, you can create a new customer record for that connection or contact, which you can later build out for marketing purposes.

Step 1. Search for and open an existing customer or create a new customer.

Step 2. At the top of the Customer Overview screen in the Customer Summary card, click Add Connection.

You can also add a connection by clicking the Connections button in the horizontal button bar and then clicking Add Connection on the Connections screen.

Step 3. The Add Connection popup opens. In the Search field, type the name of the individual customer you would like to connect to the individual or business and click Search or press ENTER.

Step 4. If the search does not yield results, click Create New Customer.

Step 5. The Add Connection popup opens. Type the individual or business customer’s name. For an individual customer, the First Name and Last Name fields are required.

Step 6. Use the Relationship Type drop-down menu to select the individual’s relationship to the customer. When connecting a business customer with a new customer, the Relationship Type field defaults to Employee. When connecting an individual customer with a new customer, you can choose from Employee, Friend, Relative, or Other from the Relationship Type drop-down list.

Step 7. In the Title field, type the new customer’s title within the business or specific relationship to the individual customer.

Step 8. Use the Same Contact Information toggle to determine if the individual will share the business or individual customer’s contact information. The toggle defaults to Yes. If you wish to change it, click on No.

If you click No, the customer contact information must be added later. See the article, “Editing Customer Information,” for detailed directions.

Step 9. Click Save and Close. You are returned to the Customer Overview screen, where the individual’s name appears in the Connections area of the Customer Summary card. If this is the first or only connection for a business customer, the individual will be marked as the primary contact. To change the primary contact, see the Knowledge Base article, “Changing the Primary Contact for a Business Customer.”

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