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Making an Existing Customer a Customer Connection

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You can select existing customers as connections for another individual or business customer. Connections allow you to view a customer's network for marketing and sales purposes.

Step 1. Search for the customer for which you would like to add a connection using the Customer Search screen, and click on the customer from the search results to select the individual or business customer.

Step 2. The Customer Overview screen opens. At the top of the screen in the Customer Summary card, click Add Connection.

You can also add a connection by clicking the Connections button in the horizontal button bar and then clicking Add Connection on the Connections screen.

Step 3. The Add Connection popup opens. In the Search field, type the name of the individual customer or business you would like to connect to the individual or business and click Search or press ENTER.

Note: You can only add a business as a connection to an individual customer record. You cannot connect two businesses.

Step 4. A list of customers matching the search term/s opens. Locate the customer you would like to connect to the individual or business customer and click the box to the left of the customer’s name. This selects the connection. 

Step 5. Use the Relationship Type drop-down menu to select the customer’s relationship to the individual or business. For individual customer connections, you can select from Employee, Friend, Relative, or Other. When selecting connections for business customers, the Employee option is preselected and cannot be changed.

Step 6. In the Title field, type the connection’s professional title (for a business connection) or specific relation to the individual customer, such a mother, father, best friend, etc.

Step 7. Click Save and Close. You will be returned to the Customer Overview screen, where the connection’s name will appear in the Connections area of the Customer Summary.

If this is the first or only connection for a business, the individual will be marked as the primary contact. To change the primary contact, see the Knowledge Base article, “Changing the Primary Contact for a Business Customer.”


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