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Adding an Individual Customer

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You can easily add a new individual customer or employee to the system directly from the Customer Search screen. Once you've created a customer, you can assign the customer to deals. 

Step 1. Click the New Customer button in the upper-right corner of the Customer Search screen. The New Customer pop-up opens. 

Step 2. In the New Customer card at the top of the pop-up, the Customer Type toggle defaults to Individual. Do not change this setting.

Step 3. Enter the customer’s name. The First Name and Last Name fields are the only required fields in the New Customer card. The other fields are optional but help you build a fuller customer profile. If you wish, add the customer’s name, gender, date of birth, marital status, and social security number.

Note: Once you've entered a customer’s social security number in the SSN field, the system masks the number when you TAB out of it for the customer’s protection. However, if you have sufficient permissions, you can view a customer’s social security number on the Customer Detail page by simply clicking into the SSN field. The number will display for one minute before being masked again.

Step 4. Enter an address for the customer in the Address card. Use the Type field, which defaults to Physical, to select the appropriate description for the address. You can add as many as five addresses per individual: Garage, Mailing, Physical, Previous, and Work. To add additional addresses, click the blue + button in the upper-right corner of the Address card. Repeat this process for each address type you wish to add. The first address you enter for a customer will automatically be marked as the primary phone number. 

Step 5. Add a phone number in the Phone Numbers card. The Type defaults to Home. Select a different option as needed. You can add as many as four phone numbers per individual: Cell, Fax, Home, and Work. Click the blue + button in the upper-right corner of the Phone Numbers box to add additional phone numbers as needed. The first phone number you enter for a customer will automatically be marked as the primary phone number. 

Step 6. Add an email address in the Email Addresses card. The Type defaults to Personal. Select a different option as needed. You can add two email addresses per individual: Personal and Work. Click the blue + button in the upper-right corner of the Email Addresses card to add an additional email address if required. The first email address you enter for the customer will automatically be marked as the primary email address.

Step 7. Once you’ve entered the customer’s information, use the Customer Privacy drop-down at the top of the New Customer card to select the customer’s privacy preferences, if the customer has any. The options include No Email, No Mail, and No Phone Calls. You can choose one or any combination of the privacy selections. The setting defaults to no restrictions if you do not make a selection.

Step 8. If you have entered multiple addresses, phone numbers, and/or email addresses for the customer, the first entry you made for each is automatically marked as the primary for that type of contact. However, you can use the Select Primary drop-down menu in the top-right of the New Customer card to choose the primary for each means of contact. Click to open the drop-down menu. If more than one entry has been added for a contact category, hovering over the category will reveal all the options. Click on the option that the customer would like to make the primary in that category. If a category only has only one record, the category will be grayed out, and hovering over it will have no effect.

Step 9. Use the Preferred Contact option at the top of the New Customer card to note which form of communication the customer prefers. Click the field to open the drop-down menu and click on Email, Mail, Phone, or Text to make a selection.

Step 10. You have two options for saving the new customer record. Click Save and View Customer to save the information and review the customer record you’ve created. This option will open the Overview screen of the customer record, where you’ll see that a customer number has been assigned.

Click Save and Continue to save the information and return to the Customer Search screen. A green “Success” message verifies that the customer record has been created. The customer will also appear in the customer list on the Customer Search screen.

Step 11: The system will automatically search the Web for social media accounts that match the email address or addresses you've entered for the customer.

If the search returns results, a pop-up will open containing the information gathered from social media resources. If the information differs from what you've entered in the New Customer pop-up or has additional data, click to check the box next to the information you'd like to add or change from the Social Media Information column. You can also click on the boxes next to profile images to select profile images collected from social media outlets. Click the Update Customer button to add the social media information to the customer record. (See the Help Center article "Adding Customers' Social Media Information" for full instruction 

If no results were returned during the search, a pop-up will notify you that no social media information was found for the email address. You can enter a different email address into the Email Address field and click Search Web. If the search again returns no results, click Cancel to skip this step. You can also use this button to opt out of adding social media details to a customer's record when social media results were found. 

Step 12. When you click the Details button on the horizontal button bar below the Customer Summary, you will see that the information you’ve entered is displayed here.


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