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Understanding Customers

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You’ll use the Customers application to add customers to the program. You can add anyone as a customer and can distinguish between individual customers and businesses or organizations. The program even lets you connect individual customer records to businesses and customers to each other, providing comprehensive tracking and marketing potential. In the future, all dealership customers—whether Service, Parts, or Sales customers—will be accessible through this application.

Customers vs. Ups
Customers are records of information. You can add anyone to the database whose information you want to keep on record. This could be an existing customer with whom you are still in touch, a prospect you are currently working with, or a long-term prospect who may be buying a car sometime in the future. A customer does not need to be associated with a deal to be added to the program. A customer may have purchased a car at another dealership but brings the vehicle to your dealership for service.

An up is a sales opportunity. When you add a customer to a deal as a buyer, this creates the up—the potential deal. The up is more about the opportunity it represents to the dealership than the individual.

Individuals vs. Businesses
You can add individuals and businesses as customers. Individuals are records of individual people whose information you want to keep in the program. When you associate an individual with a deal, the individual becomes an up.

A business is the record of a business or organization that you want to keep in the program. Once you add the business, you can link individual customers or add individuals as representatives of the business. The business is actually the customer and is responsible for the terms associated with the deal. Individuals (or connections/contacts) added to the business are not actually the customers but merely representatives acting on behalf of the company.



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