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Understanding the Marketplace

Autosoft -

Use Autosoft's Marketplace to make in-app purchases and activate the tools you purchase immediately. Users without the necessary roles or permissions to make purchases through the tool can make requests for Autosoft solutions. You can then review your purchase history and any internal requests made by other users. 

Note:  Only users with the appropriate roles and permissions can make purchases using the Marketplace. Please verify your users' settings to ensure the appropriate employees have access to request purchases or make purchases in the Marketplace.

Marketplace allows you to purchase the following Autosoft solutions:

  • Autosoft Bookout: The Autosoft Bookout tool provides better information for deal structure, profit optimization, and lender approvals. This feature plays a role in a variety of tasks in your dealership, including vehicle evaluation and acquisition, vehicle pricing, and deal structuring. Validating vehicle values with third-party book providers will strengthen your negotiations on both trade-in and inventory vehicles. In addition, printing a Book Provider Worksheet for your lenders can be done quickly and easily from the Desking screen or any inventory record. Your sales manager, general manager, used car manager, F&I manager, and sales team can use the tool to make their jobs easier and ensure they're building the most value for your dealership.
  • Autosoft Inventory Management: Autosoft's embedded Inventory Management tool enables your dealership to more efficiently manage appraisals, pricing, and merchandising from within your DMS. Your managers can acquire vehicles that will drive traffic, view projected profit and equity position of any vehicle before they buy, and get inventory to market faster. Use your preferred book providers and market analytics to appraise and price your vehicles with rich, competitive data.
  • Custom Photo Overlays: Enhance your online merchandising with customized photo overlays, provided through Powered by Autosoft, can provide overlays incorporating your dealership branding and OEM logos, as well as key vehicle feature call-outs and strong calls to action to drive more traffic. Professionally created overlays can be uploaded to your Autosoft DMS library for fast, convenient application to your inventory images and syndication with pricing and vehicle descriptions from your DMS to your listing sites.
  • Menu Selling: Autosoft's Menu Selling tool allows you to print fully customizable menus with a clean, professional presentation in seconds. With this product, your team can consistently offer all available F&I products in a simple, clear format every customer can understand.

In addition to these Autosoft solutions, you can purchase some other tools to customize your Autosoft DMS and its integration with third-party resources:

  • Market Data Sources: Establish subscriptions through Autosoft to your preferred book providers and market data suppliers for use with the Autosoft Bookout or Autosoft Inventory Management tools. Autosoft offers subscriptions to:
    • Kelley Blue Book
    • Black Book
    • NADA Used Car Guide
    • Manheim Market Report
  • Connect Solutions: Autosoft's Connect Solutions offer integration between your Autosoft DMS and the CRM, Sales, Marketing, Inventory, F&I, Parts, Service, and other third-party solutions you choose to help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness. With Autosoft’s Connect program, you can create a more profitable dealership with more satisfied customers using the best software on the market. 
  • RouteOne eContracting: RouteOne eContracting expedites your contracting and safeguards against errors. 

By default, every user will have access to the Marketplace. Users assigned the "Dealer Principal" role can make a purchase using the Marketplace. However, all other users can request an item, which "Dealer Principal" users can then view and take under recommendation. To check roles and permissions, consult the Knowledge Base article, "Setting Role-Based Permissions."

You can also restrict employees from accessing the Marketplace entirely by unchecking the Marketplace checkbox in the DMS Dashboard set of Applications in an individual employee's permissions. To override any user-based permissions for individual users, removing their ability to access Marketplace at all, see the Knowledge Base article, "Setting Employee Permissions."



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