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Duplicating Deals

Autosoft -

You can easily duplicate deals in the "Working" state. This allows you to quickly desk multiple fleet vehicles with fewer keystrokes. This functionality can also be helpful when you're offering a promotion on a set of vehicles with a standard set of equipment and features. You can create one deal and copy it for each of the vehicles on offer.

When you copy a deal, you can select to duplicate the buyer and trade. You can use the Vehicle drop-down menu to select a different vehicle for each of the copied deals. Each copied deal opens in a separate browser tab for easy access. For fleet vehicles, duplicating the buyer and trade can save you time and avoid repetitive data entry when desking deals for multiple vehicles. When duplicating deals for promotions, create a single deal with the criteria stated in the promotion. You can then select a different vehicle for each copied deal and select not to duplicate the buyer and trade. This will set up the same deal structure for each of the vehicles, and all you'll have to do is click on the deal vehicle's browser tab and add the buyer and trade information. 

To use this feature:

Step 1. Desk a deal, but DO NOT FINISH it. A buyer does not have to be selected prior to duplicating the deal. If you're copying the deal for fleet purposes, be sure to click the Fleet toggle in the left column of the Desking screen to flag the deal as a fleet deal.

Step 2. Click the Duplicate Deal button at the top of the screen.


Step 3. The Duplicate Deal modal will open. Click the blue + button to copy the deal. You can make up to 10 copies. 


Step 4. Select the vehicle for each copy using the Vehicle drop-down menu. By default, the source deal's vehicle will be selected for each duplicated deal. Using the same vehicle for every duplicated deal is permissible. You can also select a different vehicle for each duplicated deal or choose to clear the field. 

Step 5. By default, the Duplicate Buyer toggle will be in the "On" position (signified by a blue background). Clicking the toggle will move it to the "Off" position.

Step 6. By default, the Duplicate Trade toggle will be in the "Off" position (signified by a gray background). Click the toggle to "On" (blue background) if necessary. 

Step 7. Continue to add duplicates by repeating steps 3 through 6. When you're done, click Duplicate Deal.

Each duplicated deal will open in a new browser tab for easy access. The duplicated deals will contain identical information from the source deal. Once the deals are duplicated, there is no other tie to the source deal, and all deals can be changed independently.


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