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Bookout & Inventory Management Default Setups

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Autosoft’s subscription-based Bookout and Inventory Management products streamline your daily tasks. Once you’ve established your subscription to one or both products and have purchased subscriptions to vehicle book providers through Autosoft, you’ll use the Setup application in Autosoft DMS to select your providers and set defaults.

While Vehicle Bookout and Inventory Management are two separate products and can be used independent of one another, some of the Setup screens you’ll have to complete to use either product overlap.

Individual Bank Setup

Setting Max Advance Defaults for Banks

Bookout-Specific Defaults

Setting Bookout Defaults

Inventory Management Defaults

Vehicle Acquisition Sources

Adding a Vehicle Acquisition Source

Making an Acquisition Source Inactive

Reactivating an Inactive Acquisition Source

Appraisal Defaults

Setting Up Appraisal Defaults

Editing Appraisal Defaults


Adding Auctions

Making an Auction Inactive

Reactivating an Inactive Auction

Bookout Defaults

Setting Bookout Defaults

Setting Autosoft Market Analysis Defaults

Setting Inventory Pricing Review Bookout Defaults

Vehicle Description Templates

Creating Vehicle Description Templates

Setting a Default Vehicle Description Template

Editing a Vehicle Description Template

Clearing a Vehicle Description Template's Description

Making a Vehicle Description Template Inactive

Reactivating an Inactive Vehicle Description Template

Deleting a Vehicle Description Template

Image Overlays

Adding an Image Overlay in Setup

Downloading Overlays from the Overlay Library

Setting a Default Image Overlay

Making a Vehicle Image Overlay Inactive

Reactivating an Inactive Vehicle Image Overlay

Deleting a Vehicle Image Overlay


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