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Using the Auctions Drop-Down Inside an Appraisal

Autosoft -

While working on an appraisal, you can easily access auction websites from a menu within the Appraisal screen. This allows you to compare the appraisal vehicle to others on the market or locate similar vehicles at auction. 

Note:  Autosoft's Appraisal tool is part of the Inventory Management product. You must have a subscription to the product and the appropriate user permissions to access the tool. 

The Auctions drop-down is located on the Appraisal Notes card of the Appraisal screen.


Step 1. While in an in-progress appraisal, click the Auctions drop-down button on the Appraisal Notes card. 

Step 2. The Auctions menu will open, containing all the auctions you established on the Auctions page of the Vehicle section of Setup. Select the auction website you wish to visit.


Step 3. The auction website will open in a new browser tab. You will have to log in to your account with the auction site. 


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