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Understanding Water Report Values

Autosoft -

You can run a Water Report to help you better understand your vehicle investment and use the data to make informed vehicle pricing, sales, and purchasing decisions.


The top of the Water Report will display the date the report was generated and whether the report includes Retail, Wholesale, or both dispositions of used vehicle inventory.

The data is organized by the vehicles' days in stock, with the final row of the report tallying the numbers for Total Inventory. The report data is also broken into two sections: Investment and Water. Any inventory units missing book values are not included in book averages or water calculations. 

For each range of days in stock, the True Unit Count column includes the total number of inventory units meeting the report criteria selected (retail, wholesale, or both), regardless of whether book values are present for all the vehicles.

The Units with Book Values column tallies the inventory units in the days in stock grouping that match the report criteria AND have book values. 

The Total Cost column displays the sum of accounting costs for the true unit count of vehicles in each days in stock grouping (regardless of book value). This figure may include hard packs.

The Avg Cost Per Unit column figures are calculated by dividing Total Cost for the days in stock grouping by the number of vehicles in the group's True Unit Count column (regardless of book value). 

The Book Average column creates an average using all the inventory units for an age grouping that match the report criteria AND have book values. The sum of the grouping's wholesale book values listed on the Inventory Pricing Review screen at the time of the report generation is divided by the number of units with book values. 

The Total Water column is calculated by multiplying the Average Water column figure by the True Unit Count for the days in stock grouping. 

The Average column is calculated by subtracting the age grouping's Avg Cost Per Unit column figure from the Book Average column figure.

The Water % column represents the Average water figure for the days in stock grouping divided by the grouping's Average Cost Per Unit (for vehicles with book values). 



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