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Accessing Inventory Pricing Review

Autosoft -

The Inventory Management product's Inventory Pricing Review tool allows you to analyze and update used inventory selling prices using book values, accounting cost, days in stock, and current market position. Use the tool regularly to perform batch book value and pricing updates, saving you time and sharpening your competitive edge. Update your full used inventory, a set of vehicles, or a single vehicle's book value from the Inventory Pricing Review screen.

Note:  Inventory Pricing Review is included in Autosoft's subscription-based Inventory Management product. Users must have appropriate roles and permissions to access the tool.

You can access the Inventory Pricing Review screen in two ways:

Accessing Inventory Pricing Review from the Main Navigation Panel

  1. Hover your mouse over the Vehicle application button in the main navigation bar. A menu will open.
  2. Select Pricing Review


The Inventory Pricing Review screen will open. 



Accessing Inventory Pricing Review from the Vehicle Search and Appraisal Search
You can easily access the Inventory Pricing Review screen by clicking the Pricing Review button, which is available on the Vehicle application's search screens (Vehicle and Appraisal).

  1. While on the Vehicle Search or Appraisal Search screens of the Vehicle application, click the Pricing Review button in the upper-right corner of the Vehicle Search screen or Appraisal Search screen. 

InventoryPricingReview2_Jan222020.pngVehicle Search

AppraisalSearch_Jan222020.pngAppraisal Search

The Inventory Pricing Review screen opens. 





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