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Copying an Appraisal as New

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You can copy completed appraisals as new appraisals. This is helpful if you want to restart the appraisal process after having completed the appraisal. This allows you to preserve the original appraisal when time has passed between appraisals. You now have a record of what was offered and documented for the prospect during a previous visit, while still being able to update the current condition and mileage of the vehicle. 

Important:  When copying an appraisal, be sure to update the Odometer field and click Get Values to retrieve current market data and book values. 

Step 1. Hover over the Vehicle application button in the main navigation bar and select Appraisal Search from the Vehicle options menu. 


You can also open the Appraisal Search screen by clicking the Appraisal Search button in the upper-right corner of the Vehicle Search screen. 


Step 2. Search for the appraisal you want to copy as new and click on the appraisal to open the appraisal quick look card. You can review the basic appraisal details here.


Step 3. Click View Appraisal. The Appraisal screen will open. 

Step 4. Scroll to the bottom of the Appraisal screen. The buttons at the bottom of a completed appraisal include Copy as New. Click this button.

The information from the two cards at the top of the appraisal will populate a new appraisal for the vehicle. The appraisal number in the upper-left card will differ from the number in the original appraisal. All appraisal versions will be kept with the vehicle record for review throughout the vehicle lifecycle. 


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