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Editing and Deleting Appraisal Notes and Images

Autosoft -

Once you've added notes and vehicle images to an appraisal, you can easily edit and delete them from an in-progress appraisal.

Step 1. Search for and open an in-progress appraisal from the Appraisal Search screen. 

Step 2. The Appraisal Notes card below the Appraisal Worksheet will list any notes and images that have been added to the appraisal.


Step 3. Click on a note or image line in the card. Images are denoted by the image icon on the far right of the item's line.


Step 4. A pop-up will open, listing the date the note or image was added, along with the description. Images will be denoted in the pop-up by an image icon to the right of the date.


To delete the note or image, click Delete Note.

Important:  You will not be warned before the item is deleted, so do not click Delete Note unless you're certain you want to permanently remove the note of image. 

To edit the note or image, click Edit Note

Step 5. The Edit Note pop-up will open. Make the necessary edits or replace the image with a different one. Click Save and Close




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