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Recalling a Vehicle's Autosoft Market Analysis Bookout

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Once you've performed the Autosoft Market Analysis (AMA), or market-based pricing, bookout on a vehicle to price the vehicle competitively against similar vehicles in a set mileage radius, you can review the AMA bookout from the vehicle record's Appraisal/Bookout page.

To review the AMA bookout, follow these steps:

Step 1. From the Vehicle Search screen, search for and open the vehicle record.

Step 2. Once in the vehicle record, click the Appraisal/Bookout button below the Vehicle Summary card to open the Appraisal/Bookout page of the record. Here, the Appraisal/Bookout History list will include all Market Analysis bookouts, Pricing Review bookouts, vehicle bookouts, desking bookouts, and appraisals.

Step 3. To open a Market Analysis bookout, click the item's View icon in the View column. The read-only record will open. 


Step 4. From here you can print book provider sheets and the AMA sheet

Step 5. When you're done reviewing the Market Analysis Bookout screen, click the gray X button above the upper-right corner of the modal to close it. 


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