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Searching for and Recalling an Appraisal

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Once you've started or completed an appraisal on a vehicle, you can search for and open that appraisal with a few steps.

Step 1. Hover over the Vehicle application button in the main navigation bar and select Appraisal Search from the Vehicle options menu. 


You can also open the Appraisal Search screen by clicking the Appraisal Search button in the upper-right corner of the Vehicle Search screen. The Appraisal Search screen will open. The list displays each appraisal by date last updated, appraisal status, year, make, model, odometer reading, VIN, appraised value, customer, and appraiser, but you can use the Additional Grid Column options menu to select columns to add to the screen.


Step 2. You can scroll through the Appraisal Search list to find the appraisal you wish to open or use the search options to search for the appraisal. In the Quick Search view, use the Search bar to type a VIN, vehicle make and model, appraisal number, stock number, customer name, or appraisal name and click Search

To use the Advanced Search options, click Advanced Search. This allows you to choose as many filters as you like to find a specific appraisal. You can set such search features such as Acquisition Type and Source, Odometer ranges, Disposition, whether the vehicle was Taken In, the date range for Date Completed, Appraiser, Appraisal Status, and Salesperson. Click Search


Step 3. Click on an appraisal to open the appraisal quick look card. You can review the basic appraisal details here. 


Step 4. Click View Appraisal. The Appraisal screen will open. If the appraisal is still in-progress, you can continue to edit and work the appraisal. See the Knowledge Base article, "Completing an Appraisal."

If the appraisal is completed, you can delete the appraisal or copy it as new. For detailed directions, see the Knowledge Base articles, "Deleting an Appraisal" and "Copying an Appraisal as New."


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